Student Program

Rosewood is proud of our student program and we believe that we provide a superior learning experience for social work students as they prepare to enter the field. This program was the brainchild of Danita Hibbs, our Systems Manager who conceived and administers this program.

This is not just a program of grunt-work for students. They are required to gain experience working with clients under the supervision of qualified staff and to write file notes on their experiences.

We host students from Conestoga, Fanshaw, Mohawk Colleges, as well as other post-secondary institutions.

Program Summary

•Hours and days are flexible.

•Students will be trained in all aspects of the agency such as:

•Participate in supporting clients in and out of the agency

•Attending court

•Dealing with the legal system, including probation

•Assist in group facilitation

•Learn about medication support, why medication is prescribed and what is prescribed for different reasons. Students will observe medication procedures, but will not give medications.

•Involved in room searches

•Provide assistance in the preparation and serving of meals

Students are encouraged to involve themselves in all aspects of the agency and just need to have a desire to professionally develop. The learning is never ending!