Our Vision

Rosewood House envisions a world where the stigma of mental illness does not exist. A world where everyone suffering from mental illness can find help and support in an accepting environment. An environment where help is freely given in a non-judgmental way that acknowledges the challenges that each individual faces.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the best support possible for persons suffering from mental health and addictions. We will connect our clients with appropriate community resources and tailor a program that suits the needs of the individuals under our care. Our goal is not to house people, but to assist them in overcoming their challenges and to prepare them for transition to a happy and fulfilling life in the community.


Our Values

We value human dignity and respect for the individual and the individual’s right to make choices that are within the law. We support the right to make changes in our client’s lives and believe that everyone deserves help in making the changes that are necessary to help them succeed in life.



Generous Donation from 100 Men Who Give a Damn

Rosewood is pleased to acknowledge the generous grant from a great organization; 100 Men Who Give a Damn. This organization of civic-minded gentlemen are making a difference in our community and I want to thank them on behalf of Rosewood House for their generosity and kindness. This organization is new in Brantford, but in the… Read more »

Rosewood is on the Web!

Rosewood is on the Web! Thanks to a collaboration with Octopus Red, a dynamic local media company, Rosewood House has now improved its presence on the Internet. In updating our web presence, we have tried to bring the information to the community that they need to, not only understand what Rosewood does, but to decide… Read more »

Welcome to Our New Site

  Thank you for visiting Rosewood House Brantford. To take a tour of our living space please click here.